NYC Red Eye Flight Must Haves

Have you guys ever taken a red eye flight?!
Well, as I type this, we are currently on one, on our way to NEW YORK CITY! This is our third trip to NYC during Christmas time (you can find my post from last year here), and our third red eye flight to NYC. By now, we have a routine down so that when we land at 7am, we are rested and ready for a full day in the city.  Let me tell you, comfort is key. And a sleeping aid. And maybe a glass of red wine.
I decided to put together a post with everything I took with me for the flight, including what I wore on the plane and what I carried in my carry on for during the flight and when the flight lands. (I’m serious when I say everything in the picture above is EXACTLY what I’m wearing and carrying on. No ads here. No sponsored post. This is legit my travel style must haves.)

Let’s start with the outfit. If I have to sleep on a plane, I’m wearing leggingsThese high waisted leggings by Zella are my go-to travel leggings. Comfortable, warm and perfect to sleep in. I paired the leggings for the flight with an oversized soft sweater – I’ve seriously been living in this one and this one from H&M recently. Normally I would choose a cute pair of Nikes for a long flight, but since it’s suppose to be 20 degrees in NY, I decided to wear the boots that I wanted to wear while exploring the city the next day, on the flight, so that I was ready to go. (Travel tip: I tend to wear the shoes that are the biggest & bulkiest on the flight so that I have more room in my luggage).  I chose to wear a scarf on the flight, first off, so that I have it easily available when we land in NY, but I also like using it as a pillow or blanket in flight. I also chose to carry on my big puffer winter coat so that  I can put that on as soon as we land! (Also makes for more room in my luggage).
When it comes to bags, I ALWAYS use my Stella & Dot getaway bag as my carry on. (I wrote a whole post about it here).  It’s the perfect size, fits under your seat and expands to an even bigger size to fit your travel purchases on the flight home. I chose my Longchamp backpack as my purse for the flight because it’s the perfect size, leaves me hands free, is waterproof & is still super fashionable and trendy. I also packed a cute hat & gloves in case we get off the flight and it’s FREEZING.
(Can you tell that this has happened to us before and we weren’t prepared? Two years ago, we landed in NYC, got our bags and walked out to catch our uber. It was snowing, freezing and our scarves and gloves were packed deep in our luggage. Lesson learned. Now we always keep them right on top in our carry on bags!)

As far as beauty products go, I always carry lip balm and my favorite eye gel pads in my bag. The eye gels are cool and contain aloe gel to help reduce puffiness and dark areas under the eye. Perfect for the end of the flight so that you look & feel refreshed and awake once you land.

To say I’m excited for this trip is an understatement. To me, there is no greater city in the world during Christmas time as the holiday cheer and spirit is amazing throughout the entire city. Talk about putting you in the Christmas spirit! You can follow along on our NYC adventure on my Snapchat (Adonielle) & I’ll be posting pictures and outfit details throughout the trip on my Instagram (@ashdonielle).

Feel free to follow along! Bon Voyage!


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