Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

I seriously cannot believe that this upcoming Thursday is Thanksgiving! I have to say that Thanksgiving is high on my list of favorite holidays not only because of the family time & delicious food, but because of my Thanksgiving Day outfit! I almost always have what I’m wearing for Thanksgiving planned out and ready at least two weeks before the actual day. You can call me crazy. That’s ok. I call it organized.  I just LOVE having an outfit planned that is fashion forward yet comfortable & cozy for the big day. 

Are you the opposite of me and have trouble deciding what to wear for the Thanksgiving holiday? Well, I’m here to help and give you some good ideas!

I like to pull together an outfit that can be dressed up but also very comfortable at the same time. Let’s be honest, no one wants to wear their super tight jeans on Thanksgiving Day. That’s not fun. If you need to be more dressed up, I would go with a comfortable & neutral swing or shift dress like this one or this one that you can easily dress up with any jewels and a fun fall blanket scarf like this one here. (This is probably my favorite scarf as of right now! Great fall colors and such a fun pattern).
Here are some other fun scarf options here,  here, and here. Dress the outfit up with cable knit tights, like these ones from Jcrew and some heeled booties like these here. Not cold enough? Scratch the tights and wear some comfortable yet trendy over the knee boots.

Need a more comfortable outfit but still want to look fashion forward? Choose classic black leggings and an oversized sweater – options herehere & here. Pair it with either of the boot options pictured above and a fun patterned scarf and you have an easy pulled together look. 

Now you have some options! Still stuck? Pull up this photo for inspiration and go through your closet. You’ll definitely be able to pull something together and I’m sure you’ll look pretty amazing.

Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving week!


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