Bodega Bay

A couple of weeks ago, we continued our California coastal trips with a visit to Bodega Bay. We knew that this was a much smaller town then Mendocino and Big Sur, so we decided to only stay one night instead of two. I actually probably could have stayed by this hot tub with this view for a week. Talk about relaxing. Details of the trip are below!

Where We Stayed In Bodega Bay:

We stayed at the beautiful and resort-like Bodega Bay Lodge. To be honest, we could have totally never left the lodge and stayed two nights. It was so relaxing and the views from the spa/pool were just GORGEOUS.  We had a little patio attached to our room and our view of the lodge and water was perfect. Our room had a beautiful fire place, a small kitchen and we could hear the sound of the ocean from the room. It was the perfect place to stay. 

The lodge had a complementary wine social hour from 5-6 with some great wine, cheeses and fruits. We always love going to these little socials because we meet people from all around the world who love traveling as much as we do. It’s a great way to meet people and learn other peoples travel tips and favorite destinations. 

Where We Ate in Bodega Bay:

Lucas Wharf : When we first got to Bodega Bay, we stopped for lunch at Lucas Wharf which was right by our lodge and one of the most popular lunch spots we researched. It was definitely a more touristy spot, reminding us a lot of Monterey / Cannery Row. We had delicious clam chowder here with a glass of champagne and great views of the bay. Also, this lunch spot is definitely a great stop if you have kids. 

Gourmet Au Bay : When you research Bodega Bay, you are pretty limited on places to eat and drink. One spot that kept getting brought up while we were planning our trip was Gourmet Au Bay, a little wine tasting bar right on the water. Wine tasting? Us? Has our name written all over it. When we got to the original location of the wine bar, we saw that it was closed. Good thing they had just moved locations! We drove about a mile down the street to their new location which was absolutely amazing! Great views of the bay, outdoor seating, and wine tasting with a little shop inside to browse super cute beach-like decor & wine accessories. (Very dangerous after a tasting….you end up wanting to buy everything! Clearly speaking for myself.)

The wine bar was beautifully decorated and everyone working there was so nice and accommodating.  One of my favorite things about the wine bar was the cute little details of the tasting. How cute are the wooden surf board wine holders!? So creative and made by someone local in Bodega Bay. I love little fun details that make the tasting even more fun!

 Patrick’s of Bodega Bay : A charming little salt water taffy spot right in the middle of town. You can’t miss it as you drive down the main road because it’s painted pink and white stripes…..basically made for me. Fun taffy flavors, not expensive and a great stop for kids…or adults that love taffy and cute painted walls. (aka me)

Duck Club Restaurant : This restaurant is located on the lodge property, about a 2 minute walk from our room. Pretty ideal.  Talk about DELICIOUS with an incredible view of the bay. Everything we ate was SO good, but the oysters were on another level of good. We ordered 4, then ordered 4 more. (AND just look at the cute pink salt the oysters are so beautifully displayed on…..right up my alley.) So fresh, the perfect size and just so tasty. We also shared the gnocchi and the chicken dish which were fabulous. Oh, and if you go, start with the hummus platter. The freshest and most delicious vegetables and house made pita chips I’ve ever had. We will definitely be back here!

Roadhouse Coffee : A cute little coffee shop a couple of miles away from the Bodega Bay Lodge. Owned by a sweet man who makes delicious homemade blueberry coffee cake and artsy almond milk lattes. I mean what’s better than starting your day with that!?

SCV Tasting Room : In the heart of Bodega Bay (right near Lucas Wharf) is a Sonoma Coast Vineyard tasting room. We stopped here after lunch on our final day to taste the wines and enjoy the view. Another beautiful tasting room on the water with outdoor tables and couches and also delicious wine. They have a great refreshing Chardonnay and some delicious Pinots. 

Bodega Bay was such a great and relaxing weekend getaway. As far as activities, we really just laid by the pool, walked the beach and explored the adorable little town. Want more to do? Head to Mendocino or Big Sur. Want to relax by the ocean and escape from reality? Visit Bodega Bay. 


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