Monday Blues

Top | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Spike Bracelet | Wrap Bracelet | Scarf | Sunglasses

I use to think that wearing denim with denim was a fashion sin. You could never do it. Not allowed. No matter WHAT. Well, I’m happy to say it’s totally on trend and I’m LOVING it. But, you have to do it RIGHT. The key to wearing a denim top with a denim bottom is to make sure that they are not the EXACT same shade of blue. For example, maybe wearing a dark wash jean with a light chambray top. Or vice versa. If the denim is the exact same color, then it’s too matchy matchy and you’re a fashion catastrophe. Or you can choose to not care and wear it anyway. Whatever floats your boat. You go girl. 

I’m currently LOVING this chambray peplum tank from Old Navy. It’s comfy and can be worn all summer with denim blue jeans, colored shorts or even white denim. Such a cute top! When it comes to accessories, I like to wear things that pop a little bit with the blue. For example, this saddle tote bag is really noticeable against the blue of the denim. This bag is one of my current favorites because it really goes with any outfit, is the best size for everyday use and gives off a nautical feel that’s perfect for spring and summer. 

Another rule of denim fashion is to call it quits at two. Denim jeans and a denim top? Don’t do a denim bag and tie. It’s just a tad too much. 

I wore this Old Navy chambray tank last week while shopping in the city and paired it with an army green jacket from Madewell. I chose silver accessories and a patterned bag to add a fun vibe. 

Top | Jeans | Jacket | Bag | Long Necklace | Short Necklace | Bar Necklace | Boots 

When it comes down to it, rules are just rules, and who makes the rules anyways? Denim on denim is a fun trend to try, make your own and accessorize the way that fits your personality best.

I’ve been having fun styling new denim looks for the past couple of weeks and these are just a couple of tips that have worked best for me.
Happy Monday! 


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