Oh graze! Where have you been all my life? The cutest little snacks in the cutest little box delivered to your house weekly?! I’m in love. Graze allows you to fill out a profile that aims towards sending you the snacks you will love the most based on what you’ve filled out in your profile.  If you receive a snack you don’t like, head to your profile and fill out the information provided so that you don’t get that same snack again. It’s easy, convenient and delicious! I literally threw the protein nuts into my bag the other day and ate them on the run – the perfect protein snack.

I’m always about portion control when snacking. When I’m craving a salty snack I’ll try and take a handful out of the bag and put them in a little bowl so that I don’t eat the entire bag of pretzels or chips. I mean, we all know it’s possible and SO tempting. That is one of my favorite things about graze. Portion controlled delicious snacks to take on the go or keep in your bag for emergency “hangry” situations. (You know you’ve had one!)

Did I mention the cute packaging!? So fun to receive in the mail!

Another amazing thing about graze is the flexibility you have with it. You choose the amount of snacks you want in your sampler – 4, 8 or a sharing bag box. You can choose to have it delivered weekly or biweekly and you can skip shipments or place your deliveries on hold at anytime. Gotta love having options!

The good mid-week news?! Sign up to try Graze with the promo code “ASHLEYGRAZE” and you will get your first subscription delivery of a 4 snack box for free! (p.s. My favorites in my first box were the protein nuts, protein granola and the popcorn. Highly recommended!) 

Sign up to try Graze here

:: Huge thanks to Graze for sponsoring this post. As always, all options are my own and I only blog about products I absolutely love and would use/try myself ::


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