Friday, November 30, 2018

Gift Guide for the Hostess - Under $30

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Tis the season for holiday parties! 
Last year, the gift guide for the hostess was one of the most popular posts I did in December.
I decided to do it again, but this time aim for an under $30 price point.
My go-to gifts for anyone hosting a party I'm going to for the holidays is always a bottle of bubbles or a fun candle. Sometimes I like to branch out and bring something different, so I hope this post helps give you some great ideas this season!

1.) Prosecco Made Me Do It Cocktail Book - How cute is this book?! (It's definitely on my Christmas list!) Going to a party where the host loves champagne? This book is a great gift option (tie a simple gold bow around it and you are good to go!).

2.) Holiday Ramekins - I love these little ramekins as you can fill them with holiday toasted nuts or holiday candy and give them as a gift.

3. & 4.) Holiday Potpourri - Holiday smelling potpourri is HEAVEN and if you know a hostess that always has a super cute decorated house for the holidays, this would be a great gift idea for them.

5.) Wire Fruit Basket These wire baskets can be filled with anything and given as a great gift - fruit, flowers, holiday name it, bring your goodies in these fun wire baskets and tell the hostess that the basket is now theirs!

6.) Spreader Set - Always one of my favorite little gifts to give!

7.) Coaster Set - Another favorite that is super easy and that everyone uses. These monogrammed coasters are also a cute idea.

8.) Marble Bottle Stopper - A small but beautiful gift and super affordable.

9.) Plush Throw - I love gifting these blankets as they are SO SO soft, well made, wash well and are at a great price point. In my opinion, you can never have too many cozy blankets in your house.

10.) Cocktail Mix - How fun is this gift?! Know a hostess that has a fun bar cart in their house? This cocktail mix is a fun gift to bring over.

11.) Wine Aerator - For the wine lovers! And if you don't know if they have one of these already, get it for them anyways. We have 3 of these and find ourselves always looking for them. Having more than one in your house is totally ok...especially if the hostess loves wine!

12.) Marble Cheeseboard - I will bring this as a gift when I'm bringing an appetizer or dessert over. Put the dessert or appetizer on a pretty cheese board and tell the hostess that they get to keep it after the party as a thank you gift. Such a fun idea!

13.) Cookie Cutters - This is a super cute gift to get a hostess that has kids. Very affordable, fun for the holidays and also a great activity for the hostess to do with her kids later.

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