Friday, October 26, 2018

Switching to Native

Let me tell you a little something...things change when you have a baby. 
You look at the world a little differently, you all of a sudden want to take REALLY good care of yourself and you start to really evaluate what ingredients are in the products you use everyday. 
Maybe it's because you go through a nine month period of being pregnant and you are on high alert of what goes in and on your body while you are growing a baby. Not sure, but ever since having Eloise, there are some products I switched to that are more natural, made with good quality ingredients and still actually work. 

One of my biggest change ups "post baby" and during my pregnancy was my deodorant.  I had heard all about Native deodorant but to be honest, I was hesitant. One thing you don't mess with or take a chance on is your deodorant....agreed?! Well, I kept hearing about it and finally decided to order my first stick online...hey, free shipping and free doesn't get much better than that. If I didn't like it, back it would go.

After two weeks of using the Coconut and Vanilla deodorant, I was hooked. It smells amazing, it's aluminum free, and it's made with safe and simple ingredients. Oh! And it WORKED. There's just something about using a deodorant that is actually natural and pure for you everyday that makes you feel OH so good.
And you guys......I used this deodorant for over 4 months before we discussed a collaboration! I LOVE when things work out like that!

Not only do they have multiple scents of deodorant to choose from (Cucumber and Lime is another fave of mine), but they JUST RELEASED their brand new body wash and bar soap line. They sent some to me over a week ago and we've been using it as a family for the last 10 days. I absolutely LOVE the body wash in Eucalyptus & Mint and Lavendar & Rose. It suds well, it smells amazing and it's made of GOOD INGREDIENTS. It doesn't get much better than that!

I had to show you guys the back of the body wash...I love how they creatively shared the ingredient list!

Most Asked Questions
Does it leave white marks on your clothes?
Just like any deodorant, you have the risk of getting the white residue onto your clothes. Since it is a solid deodorant, that is common. With any solid deodorant that gets onto my clothes (for example when I'm changing shirts), I always just take a DRY cotton washcloth and rub it onto the white deodorant mark. It usually takes the white mark right out of the clothes! Another little tip is a USED dryer sheet! Both of these two items have always been my trick with getting ANY deodorant mark out of my clothes.

What are your favorite scents?
I absolutely love the Coconut & Vanilla deodorant scent and the Cucumber & Mint is amazing as well. For the body wash, I've been loving both the Lavendar & Rose and the Eucalyptus & Mint. For the bar soap, Bryan's been using the Citrus & Herbal Musk as it has a "manly" smell to it that's amazing!

I've heard that some people go through a detox when they switch to a natural deodorant. Did that happen to you?
I had no issues switching over (I've used drugstore deodorant for my whole life). I didn't go through a detox process or anything. The only thing I would say is that for the first 7-10 days, I felt like I had to apply it again in the middle of the day (for scent reasons), but after that, applying it once in the morning did the trick. This is what Native has to say about switching over, "We recommend you use it for two weeks because that is the amount of time your body will require to purge itself of the aluminum and other chemicals that remain under your arm after you make the switch".

Is it aluminum free?
Yes! It's aluminum free, paraben free, talc free, and phthalate free!

Why should I care about a deodorant being aluminum free?
I was in this same boat. I had no idea! Recent studies have shown that breast cancer may or may not be linked to the aluminum in deodorants. Wouldn't you rather not take the risk and just use a product without it?!

Sometimes I react to new deodorants because of the baking soda in them, have you heard of this happening with Native?
Native has a couple of sensitive options for those of you that are allergic or sensitive to baking soda. You can check those out here.

These were the top questions from my Instagram but if you still had questions, Native has a whole page under the "help" tab with tons of answers to the most frequently asked questions.
The team at Native was so kind and offered me a coupon code for you guys....of course I said YES! You know I love a good deal! 

You code "ashley10" to get 10% off your online order sitewide + free shipping!

If you don't want to make a deodorant switch, I HIGHLY suggest you at least try the body wash or soap. All are great products, made naturally from a really awesome company.


** Thank you Native for partnering with me on this post. As always, all opinions are my own as I only partner with brands that create products that I honestly and truly love. **

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