Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cheers to Change

I've got some super exciting news to share with you guys today but I first off have to start out by saying THANK YOU. 
I know I thank you guys a lot, but honestly, this little blog would be nothing without you guys stopping in, reading and shopping my links. It just wouldn't.

When I started this blog, it was mostly because of travel itineraries. Since Bryan & I travel quite frequently, people would always message me asking for travel tips and guides for certain cities. I would keep a notepad on my phone with every place we visited, top places to eat in that certain city and things to do, so that when someone messaged me for details, I could just send them the note on my phone.
After a year of doing that, I thought to myself, "how awesome would it be if I had a little spot on the internet to put these notes out there so that anyone could hop on at anytime and look up travel guides and travel tips themselves?!" 
About a month later, was created.

After I created this little spot for my travel guides on the web, I started getting asked questions about what I was wearing on my trips. So I started linking my outfits. Then people started shopping my links. WHAT?! People were actually shopping things that I recommended? So crazy yet so fun!
I couldn't get over the fact that people REALLY wanted to know where I got certain pieces in my wardrobe. I've always LOVED fashion and shopping and what I came to find out was that a lot of people wanted to be stylish, look put together and on trend, but they needed help. 
Not everyone likes to shop or knows where to start....I get it. Well, I LOVE it and with a lot of hard work, I've been able to consistently grow and actually create a business doing EXACTLY what I love to do. 
Shopping. Styling. Sharing. 

I know what you are thinking....get to the news already!
Well, as of last week, I have decided not to return to my full time job as registered nurse, but instead go full time with & my Stella & Dot business all while staying home with my sweet girl.
I feel SO incredibly fortunate that I have this option.....getting to stay home with my baby AND do something I love to do everyday is really a dream come true. 
To be honest, before I left on maternity leave, I was running quite thin. I currently have a team of over 50 Stella & Dot stylists and at the time I was starting to work with multiple brands a week for the blog. Negotiating contracts, having deadlines, shooting 4-5 looks a week, hosting trunk shows with family and friends a couple times a month for Stella & Dot and then working three 12 hour shifts at the was a lot. I went part time in November (two 12 hour shifts a week) but I still found myself blogging away, answering emails and finishing up contracted deadlines on my lunch break.
I knew that throwing a cute little baby into the mix, something was going to have to give and I REALLY didn't want it to be something I had worked so hard to grow and something that I loved doing SO much.

I've absolutely loved being a nurse for the past 9 years and I most definitely will still keep my license active and might go per diem at some point to keep my skills up to date (heck I didn't go through the hell of nursing school for nothing!) but for now, I'm gonna follow my heart (and gut) and go full throttle into this hobby turned business!
I remember hearing a quote over a year ago that really stuck with me...."To be truly happy in your career, find something you REALLY love to do and figure out a way to make money doing it". 
I feel like I've done just that and as nervous and scared as I am to take this on full time, I'm super excited for what's ahead!

Being home with sweet Eloise for the past 4 months and being able to run both my businesses full time has been a dream come true for me. I'm getting the best of both worlds and I could not be more grateful. Being able to do something I absolutely love to do everyday is what I've worked so hard to achieve and thanks to you guys, this is my new everyday reality. 
(**Cue the happy tears**)

So THANK YOU again for everything.
For your support.
For trusting my style.
For shopping my links & posts.
For reading along.
For every comment and like.

You guys are just the best! 

Cheers to change and to a new road ahead.....I can't wait to see what's in store!

Striped Top (Fits true to size - I'm in a US 4)
Skirt (Fits true to size)
Sandals (I sized up a 1/2 size)
Lipstick (In shade "The Queen")

P.S. I can't finish this post without thanking my A-mazing hubby about a supportive guy. He's never once questioned my goals or crazy ideas but instead offers to help. I seriously married UP!

*** Big thanks to Vanessa Christina Photography for these shots ***

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