Friday, January 19, 2018

What's In My Hospital Bag

Well, we are two and a half weeks away from meeting our sweet baby girl!
(That's if she decides to come on time!)
It's so crazy to me that it's already here.
I have to be honest, I was super nervous to get pregnant just because of all the horror stories I've heard about how terrible the 9 months can be. I've been SO lucky and I've really had a super easy pregnancy. I feel like myself (except for the basketball I'm carrying around), I've been sleeping relatively good (5 hours of sleep works for me!), I haven't had any acid reflux (knock on wood)  and overall I just feel great.
So I really can't complain!

Now that she could come at any time, it was essential that my hospital bag was packed and ready to go this week. Since this is my first birth and pregnancy, I'm no expert on this topic BUT I've done my research for the last couple of weeks and think I've got most of the basic necessities covered! I thought I would share them with you guys on here in case any of you ladies are packing your bags for the hospital as well!
(Even if you aren't, you might want to save, bookmark or pin this post for when you do have a babe and need help packing your hospital bag!)

Tote Bag
(This one is SO big and great for holding a lot of stuff - c/o of Marleylilly)
- Nursing Bra or Tank 
(I'm bringing two of these amazing tanks & one of these nursing bras)
- Comfy PJ set
 (Preferably with buttons for easy breastfeeding access - I'm bringing this pair - seriously so soft!)
- Phone charger
- Chapstick
(If you watch my Instagram stories, you are laughing right now)
- Comfy socks
- Shower sandals
- Your own bath towel
(The hospital bath towels are SO small, not soft, and sadly not the cleanest!)
- Your own water pitcher
(Another pet peeve of mine - I refuse to use the hospital provided one for good reasons)
- Nipple cream
(Many of you guys recommended this one)
- Bottom spray
(This one was also recommended by you guys)
- Hair ties
(I'm currently loving these ones)
- Nursing pads
 (I'm giving these ones a shot)
- Snacks
(Simple granola bars or nut packs in case I get hungry and can eat)
- Toiletries
(Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, lotion - packing all of these in my favorite travel bag)
- Extra undies
- An outfit to go home in
- Ipad
(So I can finish The Crown on Netflix, JUST in case I have some free time)
- Camera
- A comfy robe
(I'm bringing this one)

- Diaper Bag
(I'm in LOVE with this one by Fawn Designs)
- A onesie or two
- A going home outfit
- A swaddle 
(We love these ones & these ones)
- A hospital hat
(My mom got us this one and it's just so dang cute!)
- Pacifier
- Car seat
- Socks

- A change of clothes x 2
- Toiletries
(Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shower items)
- Snacks
- Books, magazines, ipad
(For entertainment in case of down time)
- Comfy pants
- Socks or slippers
- Phone charger

Now remember, this list isn't perfect because I've never done this before, BUT I plan on going back to this post after baby and sharing my updates! What I used, what I didn't, what I forgot, etc.

If you have ANY other must have items, please leave me a comment on this post! I want to be as prepared as possible :)

Also, I REALLY need to bring my own Depends?! I keep hearing that these are a MUST and I'm hesitant....Depends?! I'm in my 30's!
 Let me know!

Thanks for reading & happy Friday!


  1. Great list! Some moms swear by depends but I just used what the hospital had and pads once I got home and I was fine. I don’t know how depends work, but it seems like if you have to pull them on that’s a lot more work than swapping out a pad? I also brought shower shoes but our room ended up being recently renovated and I ended up not caring! I had a C-section and so I only wore the hospital gown until I was able to change into my own clothes. Then I wore loose yoga pants with a nursing tank and a robe. Looks like you’ve got it all covered! Good luck and enjoy these last few weeks!

  2. I would consider adding headphones for you and the hubs in case of down time. Good luck and congrats!

  3. Seems like you've got everything you'll need....p.s., I'm also obsessed with my Fawn Design as well :) It's amazing! And I'm about to have 2 little ones so hands free is the way to go! I'd recommend and eye mask because even though they turn the room lights off at night the computer/monitor screens stay on and they're SO bright. This really helped me get some sleep when I had my first. Also, no need for depends, LOL! The pads they provide at the hospital work just fine! Just take a ton home with you and you'll be good!

  4. Make sure to ask for a couple pacifiers, the ones we have at Valley Care are really good ones! You never know which kind your baby will take to. Also, if you have a Medela pump, ask your postpartum nurse to set you up with a pump (leave yours at home) to teach you how to use it. This will get you a whole extra set of pump parts to take home for free which will save you so much time (and headaches) later when you’re pumping often.

  5. I'd add a water bottle for your husband and a sound machine! It is a huge lifesaver trying to sleep in the hospital room. Definitely a necessity. Bring a hands-free bra for pumping, just in case you end up having to pump, it's small and will be a huge lifesaver if you need it. We also liked having some baby lotion for the babes, their skin is so dry and it makes them smell so sweet.