Monday, December 26, 2016

After Christmas Nordstrom Sale!

I know I know. It's the day after Christmas. What more could you need!? Well, this sale is TOO good not to share. The Nordstrom half-yearly sale is live today and things are going FAST. (No joke, as I was making this post, things were selling out faster than I could type).

Did you get new work out clothes and a fit bit but no new shoes? These cute quilted Nikes are under $65. 
Didn't get the faux leather jacket you wanted? This one here is under $60. 
Did you love the boots I wore all through New York? Here they are under $65.
Want a cute scarf to go with the new sweater you got for Christmas? This one and this one are 50% off.
Get my point? I never pass on a good sale. Neither should you. 

Happy day after Christmas shopping!


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